Our Professional Grill Masters take away your Stress of standing at the Grill and being Separated from your Guests and all the Fun.  When you hire one of our Grill Masters they will assist you in creating your Menu and Shopping List, Arrive Early to Set up and Prep the Grilling Area and Food.

Our Professional Grill Masters are Food Handlers Certified and come with their own Barbecue Utensils, Gloves, Aprons, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Water and Oil Sprayers and  Lighters.

Our Grill Masters are there to Feed and Please You and Your Guests they are Fun, Social, Interactive and Professional. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Our Savvy Servers accompany our Grill Masters and take care of all the Serving, Tidying, Special Food Requests and Assist the Griller.Finally the Stress of Hosting a Party is gone and you can spend your time Socializing with your Guests and Enjoying your Party…What a Concept!!!

Party Starters & Co is proud to be offering special discounted rates on all our services for those who are Running Community Fundraisers, Opening New Local Businesses or Celebrating Customer Appreciation.


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